Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 20

I DECLARE that I am calm and peaceful. I will not let people or circumstances upset me. I will rise above every difficulty, knowing that God has given me the power to remain calm. I choose to live my life happy, bloom where I am planted, and let God fight my battles. This is my declaration.

I have actually gotten a lot better at this in the last few years. There's a lot to say on this, but for now, I thank God for giving me the power to remain calm. I love that God has given me the power to remain calm. I have the power to remain calm.

Joel writes, "People have a right to say what they want, to do what they want, as long as it's legal. But we have a right to not get offended. We have a right to overlook it...Their opinion of you does not determine your self-worth...They have every right to have their opinion, and you have every right to ignore it."

It's funny. I did some Byron Katie work the other night, and what came up for me was that I felt like I was bound by how someone else thought I should choose. I guess where I am at now is that my well being, my self-care is so important to me that I listen to my Higher Self/God above anyone else, because my Higher Self/God knows best.

I DECLARE I exercise my rights to choose peace, love, harmony, self-love, and high self-esteem for myself. And I exercise my right to wisely ignore others' opinions that are not in alignment with my highest good. And so it is.

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