Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Final Declarations Day 1/Day 32

I DECLARE I use my words to declare victory and not defeat, therefore I see God do amazing things and I live the abundant, overcoming, faith-filled life He promised.

I DECLARE I walk in the blessing of almighty God. I am filled with wisdom. I make good choices. I have clear direction.

And so it is.

I was considering starting a new daily blog similar to this one, but perhaps with a different book. I thought I'd revisit The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price or something by Catherine Ponder. I like the format of blogging on a daily meditation. But I like doing at least 40 consecutive days of the same intention (is the best word which comes to mind now). So, I thought of just repeating the first 9 days. But good old Joel had more for me within the conclusion.

When I was at around Day 17, I expressed worry over what I would do after Day 31. I wanted to have something in place. I was gently reminded by a dear friend that I always have everything I need. Voila!

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