Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 30

I DECLARE God is going before me making crooked places straight. He has already lined up the right people, the right opportunities and solutions to problems I haven't had. No person, no sickness, no disappointment, can stop His plan. What he promised will come to pass. This is my declaration.

I wish healing was linear and setback-free. I was feeling grouchy and feverish yesterday and was not acting like a very pleasant person and not thinking very pleasant thoughts. It carried over to this morning as well.

When I read today's declaration, I could not get excited about it, until I read the story behind it. And I smiled. And I really liked what I came away with.

Oftentimes, inspirational stories are so grand and miraculous that they seem un-relatable. Today's story was simple and something I could totally relate to. The man's "miracle" came in the form of someone thinking about him so much that he couldn't help but help him.

I've definitely had times in my life when I couldn't stop thinking about a person and had to reach out. It's nice to know that it's God's hand.

I'll follow the lead of the man in today's story and just "pray and believe that God will cause it to happen" despite any circumstances.

Joel Osteen does not cease to amaze me. God does not cease to amaze me. <3

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